Monday, June 10, 2013

Get Tika Sumpter's Hair Extension Look

Actress Tika Sumpter (The Game & Gossip Girl), glowed with her super long locks during designer Rebecca Taylor's store opening. We are lovin' her dark, long, sleek straight hi-gloss hairstyle. Tika Sumpter kept her look fabulously feminine with her floppy hat and sexy dress.

Want This Look?
Try our Sultry Couture's real human Indian straight extensions for about $300 in the longer lengths (18-22"). When wearing long hair extensions, it is best to add layers to give your hair more style versatility and a more natural appearance. Part the hair down the center. Next add a dime size amount of hair gloss. We like Biosilk. Remember less is more. Too much will weight your hair down. Finally, flat iron and wear your hair straight as pictured above.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Do It Yourself Hair Extensions

Hire a Stylist:

+ Depending on the quality of your stylist, your overall look will be more natural than a do-it-yourself install. A stylist with the requisite experience can install your human hair weave extensions quickly and professionally, giving you a professional new look.
- Hiring a professional stylist can be expensive. Many women choose to install their own weaves to save funds.
+ Ease of use. What’s easier than having someone else style your hair? All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the service.
- Inflexible hours. When you have your hair styled in a salon, you have to work around the salon’s hours. Many women have to wait for weeks for an appointment, or book during the busy night and weekend slots.
+ More versatility. By having your weave installed by a professional stylist, you can enjoy styles that are difficult to duplicate at home.
- If the style you’re looking for is unique, you may have a hard time finding a stylist that is knowledgeable in the technique.
+ Better equipment. When you have your hair extensions installed by a professional stylist, you have access to professional styling tools such as ceramic flat irons and hair dryers, styling shears, curling irons and chemical treatments.
- If you already own these tools, you may be paying an unnecessary premium at the salon.

Do it Yourself (DIY):

+ Save money. Probably the best reason for installing your own human hair weaves is cost. You can save hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of dollars by styling your own hair.
- If you are inexperienced, you can easily damage your human hair extensions. This can be more costly than having them professionally installed.
+ Style your hair own your own time. Don’t wait days or weeks for a salon appointment.
- Installing a weave can be time consuming and difficult. A professional stylist can work quickly and efficiently, saving you time and hassle.

So which is better? Hiring a stylist or installing your own hair extensions? We’ll let you be the judge.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Couture Hair Extensions Goes Wholesale

A Customer Service Solution!

We would like to let you know that we are now a distributor based site with distribution pricing. In the past, we have struggled to carry all of the inventory for every specific need, (this light brown color, with this specific length; add in the options with that curly texture, variations of I-tip, or Weft, or U-tip, among many other combinations, and you've got 10-20 different products just for one type of hair!) The combinations of hair become so much, that we just are not able to carry them all.

After a while, we lose customer satisfaction due to the fact that we just can't carry that many products, so we have come up with a solution that may work for everyone.

Answer: Give the Customer Distributor Pricing

In Return: You give us 5-10 days to get the product to you, so every item is exactly what you want at a great price, and you know up front it will be 5-10 days when you receive it.

We have a direct relationship with suppliers in India, and when we know what the customers want, as opposed to stocking up a bunch of items we are not sure about, we are able to get you the hair you need, and we can operate more efficiently,  and it saves everyone grief and aggravation!

We hope you enjoy this new philosophy in the ordering process and as a result can build upon a great and satisfying relationship with Sultry Couture Hair.

Thank you,

For more on great prices, please visit

Sultry Couture Hair Extensions

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall is Long, la-Long, Long

Want The Longer Look of Fall? 

Try our Couture Hair Shop's hair extensions in the longer lengths (18"-26"). After installing the hair extensions, do a middle part. Spritz a light holding spray. Curl your hair* using a large barrel curling iron. We like the 19 MM (3/4") Enzo Milano curling iron. A great alternative is to roller set your hair, so you do not use heat. Lastly, gently flip your hair upside down and back up to loosen the curls.

*A great tip when curing hair is to alternate the curling direction. For example, curl one small section of hair toward the front and the next section toward the back. This will keep your hair from curling into together.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Please email us your photos to for 10% off your order! Send it in and we'll give you the code for 10% off! Visit

We have had a lot of requests regarding our hair and letting people know what textures look like on you is very helpful!

Should you go with the Deep Curly or the Loose Curly?

Deep is a little lighter, but tightens up much more. If you want to style or straighten it for a wavy look, go with the Loose Curly Hair Extensions.

How long is 18" Loose Curly, really?

We want to thank Shonna for sending in some photos just before the 4th of July of her Deep Curly 22" hair. This gives you a good idea of the type of texture and where it falls.

Customer wearing the Deep Curly 22"

The curly hair is measured wet, when it is straight, so if you want it to be long, think about ordering a longer length, as when it is curled up, it is shorter than the length advertised. That is the standard in the industry, even though we are generous with the lengths. We always try to over estimate to give you a little more than the standard.

We have carried the same hair for several years and guarantee our products to your satisfaction. The most notable hair that we carry is the curly textures and the longer lengths because it is hair that you cannot find walking into a local beauty supply. Our hair is 100% remy, real human hair. See more of it at

Monday, May 07, 2012

Swiss Lace Closures: How To

How are closures applied?
Closures are attached to the horseshoe section of your head from just behind your hairline to the top center of the head. Closures can be applied many ways.

  • The most popular method used to attach a closure is by sewing it into your hair. This is done by attaching it to cornrow braids along the perimeter.
  • Since our closures have a lace frontal you can also sew the back of the closure into your head and glue the front lace base part using hair tape or hair glue.
  • You can also bond the closure onto your head, by using hair tape or hair glue.
  • You can also add clips to the closure and clip it on.

Where should the hair closure be placed?
The closure should be placed slightly in front of the braid (at your hairline) and then sewn down. This will prevent the braid from showing, and allow the lace to blend better with the scalp.

What type of adhesives can I use to apply the hair closure?
There are a couple adhesives used to apply lace closures. C-22 and secure, with the C-22 being the most popular. We sell it in different size bottles and combo packs with the remover and scalp protector.

Do I have to use scalp protector?
No, but the scalp protector goes give the adhesive you use a longer hold.

Should I apply the hair extensions before or after I install the hair closure?
It is best to apply the closure before installing the hair extensions.

What Braid pattern is best?
Start with a part down the middle. For each braid that will sit under the closure, begin a braid about 1.5-2 inches from the part. Take each braid and braid around in a half circle, then braid it down. Sew the closure as flat to you head as possible. Make the braids as small as possible so that the closure can lay flat.

How many packs of hair will I need with a hair closure?
You will need 1.5 to 2 packs of hair, depending on how full you like your hair style.

How long does the closure last?
Our hair closures last for several installs. With proper care, it can last up to a year or longer.

How can I style the closure?
Our closures are freestyle closures, which allows for styling freedom. You can style your hair any way you choose. This includes a part down the middle, a side part, and no part with all your hair pulled back. The hair closures are made with 100% human hair and can be curled, flat ironed etc to achieve any hair style you want.

What is the difference between the swiss lace and thin skin closure?

Swiss lace closure:
  • Made with a transparent nylon lace material that has many tines holes; which allows for ventilation.
  • It can also accommodate any kind of attachment whether it is bonding with glue or tape, or sewing.
  • It is very durable and natural looking and can be applied for many installations.
  • Free style parting
  • It is the most popular of the two types of hair closures.
The thin skin closure:
  • Made of a non-transparent polyurethane material that resembles a scalp and gives the appearance that hair is growing from the scalp.
  • Thin skin closure can also accommodate any kind of attachment whether it is bonding with glue or tape, or sewing.
  • It is very durable and natural looking and can be applied for many installations.
  • Free style parting

Sultry Couture Extensions in the Press

For once people finally commented on how nice and long my hair was and didn't ask if my hair had extensions. The best thing I think was that this hair is real and natural and that made a difference. The hair that's in the salons is filled with synthetics so you're not getting real hair. The hair from this Sultry Couture is the way to go as it is real human hair. I went with the clip ins because I can take them out anytime, but my friends have done the sewn in wefts and what's great about the real human hair is you can wash it or style it and it lasts about 6 months depending on how you take care of it. Some people go an entire year. All in all, this hair gets my recommendation.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Couture Hair is Back for Spring

See the latest styles and trends on our sites, and Right now we have a sale on all wefted hair for curly, wavy, and straight.